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Bottled Beer

Artisan brewed and bottled, filling may be semi-automated but we manually cap and carefully hand label every bottle that leaves our doors. With a wide variety of beers, pale to porters in varying strengths and flavours, which will you go for?

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Gift Packs

The perfect gift for a true beer connoisseur, or simply a smaller quantity introduction to discover your favourite flavour. A selection of 3 or 6 of our bottled beers, all beautifully boxed and delivered to your door.

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Mini Kegs

5 litres of filtered, pre-carbonated craft beer from the comfort of your living room. They’re packed full of flavour, with plenty of options, Oh, and they last 5 days from opening (we know, ours don’t last past the one evening either!)

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We sell a variety of high quality crushed malts in 500ml and 1kg bags. Whether you’re an experienced home brewer or you fancy trying your hand at it, we’ve got you covered. For commercial quantities please contact the office.

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Get Personal

We know that personal touch means so much more, we also know a beautiful craft beer is just as well received!

Get in touch with us directly to talk through your requirements, you pick the beer and the design, we create and send out.

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